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15 September 2016

Karin Weusten on public transport

"It is too good to resist!"

Karin Weusten, currently employed at Maastricht Council, gives us her view on the “Discover public transport” and “Discover the e-bike” campaigns.

"I took part in the “Discover public transport” campaign in October/November 2015. I was already acquainted with Maastricht Bereikbaar due to the fact that I had previously trialled an e-bike. 

A week’s commute by speed e-bike during the “Discover the e-bike” suited me to a tee. The journey to work is too far for a normal bicycle. I still think the purchase price is too high for my tastes, so I haven’t bought my own speed e-bike yet. When you take part in a promotion from Maastricht Bereikbaar everything is so well organised – it’s just too good to resist. Testing out an e-bike during the winter months isn’t a problem either. It doesn’t rain as often as you think.

I saw the “Discover public transport” promotion and registered via the Maastricht Bereikbaar website. Since I’ve been working at the council chambers, I have commuted more regularly by public transport. I live in Landgraaf. I used to live quite close to the train station, now that I live further away, the advantages of travelling by car outweigh those of using public transport. The costs involved in a season ticket are also an important consideration. I feel that I won’t always be tied to commuting by car. A while ago I had a year’s season ticket, but that was through an incentive from a previous employer. I’m waiting for a more structured commuting offer from my work, and as soon as that comes through I’ll be happy to make the switch to another mode of transportation for my commute.