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8 November 2018

Jos Prickaerts moves up a gear

"Travelling to the city centre by car is a waste of money"

 ‘Why do I cycle? Because I don't want to travel any other way! I love being outdoors and really enjoy cycling. In the morning it's a wonderful way to get some fresh air and wake up, and in the evening it's perfect for clearing your head. I don't really notice any difference between cycling in the summer or in the winter, and I don't mind the rain. I simply put on my raincoat when it's pouring outside. Snow and sleet don't bother me much either. I did fall quite badly on my hip once, but that didn't stop me from cycling.’ 


‘I hate taking the car and believe that travelling to the city centre by car is a waste of money. Parking is far too expensive, which is already reason enough to take the bicycle. But even if I didn't have to pay for parking, I'd still cycle to the city centre. My wife uses the car for nearly everything, so I compensate for that by using my bicycle.’

Cycling keeps me healthy

‘I believe that cycling is an important way to stay healthy. I've been working at the Municipality of Maastricht for 41 years and have only been ill three times in the past 25 years. I once had a really bad flu and had to stay home for a week. But cycling builds up your resistance and allows you to put all the stress of the day's work behind you. And who wouldn't want that?’

Enjoy the fresh air

‘I would like to tell everyone to take the chance to enjoy the fresh outdoor air! You can see so much more of your surroundings when you cycle than when you drive. Take the time to look around and enjoy nature and your freedom! With the bicycle you have much more freedom to go and stand where you please. So, who's cycling with me?’