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30 January 2018

Esther Bessems on her e-bike

"The e-bike improves your fitness without you realizing"

Esther Bessems talks about the e-bike and her participation in Maastricht Bereikbaar's effect measurement.

‘As soon as I started working for the Maastricht University Medical Center+ (Maastricht UMC+), I started cycling. I bought a good wind and waterproof jacket, which I really needed this winter. Since April, I've only taken the car to work five times, and that was only because I had an appointment a bit further away. The reward programme "inBeweging" was a great motivator to encourage me to cycle. The app displays notifications when I travel by car, which is always a shame. Even though it doesn't reward you with money or presents any more, I still use the app. It keeps encouraging you to cycle. Maastricht UMC+ has excellent provisions for cyclists. such as a cycling allowance that is based on the distance you commute. If your bicycle needs repairs the Facility Management department will arrange pick-up and delivery of your bike to a specific repair shop as well as a bike for you to borrow.

I often participate in the questionnaires you can fill in via the Maastricht Bereikbaar panel. I was very surprised to hear that I won a bike because I had participated in the “2017 effect measurement” questionnaire regarding mobility, travel choices, and accessibility. I thought: “Wow, this can't be happening! What a pleasant surprise”! I picked an e-bike in January, but I had quite a few test rides beforehand. I tested six bicycles to find out which one gave me the most support for cycling uphill. Rob Smeets, the local bicycle dealer, gave me all the information I needed. I am going to use the e-bike a lot. By using the e-bike I arrive at work fit and fresh, and when I get back home I’m already relaxed. Cycling on an e-bike means you always have tailwind, so you arrive quickly, and the bicycle itself doesn’t cost much. I really like that it improves your fitness without you realizing. I live nine and a half kilometres away from work, which takes forty minutes on my daily commute. When I arrive home from work, I’ve already had quite the workout’.