Louis Prompers, A2 Project Directeur, about the e-bike

Louis Prompers, A2 Project Directeur, about the e-bike

“I get to work faster when I go by e-bike than by car.”

“Just over a year ago I received the invitation to try out an e-bike for two weeks. It was during a promotional offer by Maastricht Bereikbaar, where you would hand in your car keys and in return have the use of an e-bike. I decided to do it. As a member of the Maastricht Bereikbaar Steering Committee, I’ve always found “influencing behavioural change” a woolly theme. By participating in the trial period I was pleasantly surprised how impactful it became. A switch flicks and suddenly your focussed on your personal mobility.

I was a good example of a dedicated car user: every work day from Biesland to Geusselt and back again. It was kind of crazy actually. After completing the promotional period I purchased my own e-bike and I cycle to work as often as possible. My commute is faster by bicycle! It is wonderful to be outside, I cycle via the town centre, and I usually make extra laps around the shops.

In recent years I have learnt that we must keep investing in the agreements made with Maastricht Bereikbaar’s programme partners and the CEO meetings. Working together towards sustainability. Personally, I’ve become quite fanatic about cycling. I’d like to propose something that might come across a little crazy: an idea for the future could be a system that encourages (or even requires) people who commute less than five kilometres to their work to do so via public transport or by bicycle.”

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