Justin Bessems on his e-bike

Justin Bessems on his e-bike

“The high-speed e-bike made the journey from Maastricht to Geleen so easy!”

‘I tried out the Sparta ION E-Speed bike during the week-long “Ontdek de e-bike” campaign. I really enjoyed the experience. Although my commute from Maastricht to Geleen is 21 kilometres, travelling with the e-bike made the journey so easy. It took me 50 minutes on the way there (20 minutes quicker than by public transport, and only ten minutes slower than by car), while the return journey lasted 40 to 45 minutes (much quicker than by public transport, and just as quick as by car). It did require a good bit of flexibility from my girlfriend, who had to take our daughter to her childminder during the trial week, but if you plan it well then it's no problem.

The electric assistance meant I didn't arrive at work exhausted and could instead get down to work straightaway. This is something I really appreciated. And because I was exercising so much more, I skipped going to the gym during the trial week, which meant I had more free time. Luckily for me, it was really nice weather during the trial week, so I had no problem with being outside before and after work. I would definitely consider using an e-bike in my daily life. If there's another cycling campaign at the office, I'll join in and see if it's still something I'd be interested in, even on days when the weather turns for the worse.                                                      

I also got lots of heads turning, both in town and at work. People were clearly interested, or at least a little curious, so I'm happy that the Health Service has chosen to take part in the “Ontdek de e-bike” campaign. I'd also like to thank the staff at Cycle Center for their excellent service. I got the help I needed quickly, and the e-bike was in tip-top condition!’ 

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