Agnes van Zaanen about public transport

Agnes van Zaanen about public transport

“I’ve experienced how easy it is to use public transport!”

‘I work at Maastricht Bereikbaar through my job at Rijkswaterstaat. We needed to replace our family car and I started to consider whether I actually needed a second car. I had heard about the ‘Ontdek het OV’ (‘discover public transport’) campaign and decided that I was going to give it a try. 

I am an avid driver, so this was a completely new experience for me. My commute is about 25 to 30 kilometres one-way as I live in Born. During the campaign I walked to the bus stop, took the bus to the train station in Sittard, and then took the train to Maastricht. From the station I would either walk or take the bus to Mosae Forum. This trip takes one hour in total.  

An eye-opener

It went really well. I never thought that there would be such a good connection to Maastricht from a village with no train station. The bus runs four times an hour. I even enjoyed the walking. The connection between the bus and the train was perfect and that was the real eye-opener: I can’t drive any faster to the train station in Sittard than the bus. It’s also really easy to take the bus, as you don’t have to worry about parking your car. 

Seriously considering public transport

I travelled three to four times a week with public transport on average. After this period I seriously considered to always use public transport to travel to work from now on, as it was such a great experience. But once I had considered all the options it turned out that public transport is more expensive for me than travelling by car.  

What happens next?

I’ll continue to travel smartly. I try to avoid travelling during rush hour as much as possible and I park at P+R Maastricht Noord from where I take bus number 10 or the nextbike to travel to the city centre. For my official trips to Utrecht I’ll take the train from now on instead of the car. I have come to see that this is a much easier way to travel. My advice? Try it for yourself!’

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