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24 September 2019

Catering and hotel entrepreneur Didier Tomassen on the family bike

"This bike is much nicer than travelling by car in the city centre!"

Didier Tomassen is the owner of Bistro/Hotel LeVirage and became a proud father to daughter Juulke nine months ago. He used the car more often than he would have liked to drop Juulke off and to pick her up again. So when he saw Maastricht Bereikbaar’s offer to try out the family bike, he registered immediately. His employees use the e-cargo bike to quickly travel to the wholesaler for shopping for forgotten items. Didier even offers his colleagues a quick test ride up and down the street.     

For the company

Didier and his girlfriend Kyra Keulemans are both enthusiastic about the electric cargo bike. When he went to collect the bike in Valkenburg, he needed a minute to practice before cycling to Maastricht. Little Juulke is clearly very satisfied with the bike, as is the family dog Bèr. ‘Taking Juulke from A to B with this bike is much less hassle than going by car,’ explains Didier. ‘It takes almost no time at all to reach the city. A major advantage for myself is that I can park the bicycle in front of the company premises. There is not enough space for all employees to park their cars, so we have to coordinate when we load and unload vehicles. I would prefer it if we could use bicycles like these instead of cars.’


‘You can go quite fast with this bicycle,’ explains Didier. ‘That is because of the type of bicycle, as the Urban Arrow family bike is among the best of the cargo bikes. It took just a day to convince me – that is how good it is. Of the three days I was able to choose between the car and the bicycle, I opted for the bicycle twice. Cargo bikes are becoming more commonplace. They are ideal for trips to and from the city centre. With the current focus on sustainability, you start looking at things in a different light. Within Les Table, an association for the hotel and catering industry, we discussed a shared waste collection service between us, but no concrete action was taken due to a lack of time.

More mobile

The cargo bike meant that we had more options available to us at home. We are definitely not considering purchasing a second car. The cargo bike has made us more mobile. We would therefore like to purchase one for us to have on a permanent basis. However, the purchase price is pretty steep. Because I will be using the bike for business purposes as well, my accountant will be able to give me good advice. We are also considering leasing the cargo bike, which would mean paying fixed amount each month.’ If everything goes according to plan, then Didier, Kyra, and Juulke will be happily cycling around Maastricht with their own electric family cargo bike.