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17 January 2017

Brigitte Vandewall on smart logistics

"It’s just so natural to do everything by bicycle"

Brigitte Vandewall from Demarrage Fietskoeriers talks about smart logistics.

‘Our cycle couriers deliver parcels in and around the city with a cargo bike or normal bike. We supply addresses from Maastricht to Sittard, as well as places further afield. All cycle couriers in the Netherlands have joined together. While intercity transport is done with cars powered by green fuel, the last leg in the city is, of course, done by bicycle. It’s just so natural to deliver everything by bicycle that I sometimes don’t realize that we’re an example of smart accessibility.

We have no motorized devices, preferring instead to work with our own energy. Not only is this healthy, but it also means no CO2 emissions, no noise, and no traffic jams when delivering and collecting parcels. What’s more, we don’t block the view if people are sitting outside when we deliver, and they don’t breathe in any unpleasant-smelling exhaust fumes. Cycling is a lot quicker than driving, especially during rush hour on Friday evenings. When everything has ground to a halt on the road, we have already made deliveries in the city centre. 

I live in the centre myself and don’t own a car. However, I do own around five bicycles, one for each occasion. Of course, I do sometimes need a car, but then I use a hire car. Alongside not having to pay for a parking permit, the hire car costs only five euros a month and is conveniently located around the corner. All I have to do is reserve it via an app. My tip to visitors and entrepreneurs alike is to park their car on the city outskirts as often as possible. You can do the final leg of your journey by bus, train, or bicycle. All that’s left to do is enjoy the city!’