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28 November 2017

Bastiaan and Stephanie Klomp on the electric family cargo bike

"We went from having two petrol cars to one hybrid car and an electric family cargo bike"

Bastiaan and Stephanie Klomp share their experiences of travelling by electric family cargo bike.

Bastiaan Klomp says, ‘One year ago, we handed in our second car and got an electric family cargo bike “from Santa”. We usually use it to drop off and pick up the children on our commute. Our first car is a lease car: I chose a hybrid that I can charge at one of the points at the Kruisherenhotel, where I am the maître d'hôtel. ‘Within a year, we went from having two petrol cars to one hybrid car and an electric family cargo bike.’

Stephanie continues, ‘We had various reasons for purchasing an electric cargo bike. While the new motorway tunnels were being constructed, it was quite difficult to drive to Maastricht University Medical Center+ (MUMC+) from our home in the Jekerdal district. I can easily commute by bike, but our children are slightly too big now to “transport” on a normal bicycle. At the same time, we were wondering why we even had two cars. That's when we decided to purchase an electric family cargo bike. Having bought a good raincoat, I go almost everywhere by bicycle.’ 

‘It works like a dream,’ says Bastiaan. ‘I drive to work if I have meetings; otherwise I commute by normal bicycle or by electric family cargo bike. We try to be environmentally friendly, which is something that ties in with the hotel's core values. We really enjoy the fact that we can do so much with our bicycles and that we mainly drive electric cars in the city centre. Alongside helping us set a good example for our children, cycling keeps us fit and is often the quickest way to get around the city.’

‘We cycle at all times of the year, putting a protective hood over the front box if the weather is bad,’ says Stephanie. ‘Although there are usually a lot of cars parked outside school in autumn and winter, now you see more and more family bikes. Other parents often ask us about the bike's pedal assistance or how easy it is to cycle over the bridges and through the city centre. Some even want to try out the bike. A few of our neighbours also have an electric family cargo bike, and we sometimes take each other's kids to school. You should see people's faces when you cycle through town with five children at the front – smiles all round!’