P+R day return gives you a €2 discount at Subway

By parking on the outskirts of the city, you can contribute towards a more accessible city centre and reduced COemissions. In the months of June, July, and August, you also get a €2 discount on a '30 cm Voordeelmenu’ (Value Meal) at Subway Beatrixhaven on presentation of your P+R day return ticket for bus line 10. 

During the summer months, P+R Maastricht Noord is an extra economical parking location when visiting the centre of Maastricht.  

How to take partsubway_logo_jpeg.png

  • Show your day return ticket for bus line 10 for a €2 discount at Subway Beatrixhaven in the months of June, July, and August.
  • You can use one day return ticket per '30 cm Voordeelmenu’ (Value Meal).
  • You will only receive a €2 discount on your food at Subway Beatrixhaven on presentation of a valid day return for bus line 10. If you travelled using your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart), you will not receive a discount. 
  • If you show a group ticket for bus line 10, you will receive a maximum of €4 discount on two Voordeelmenu’s. Please note that the number of people must be demonstrable at Subway. 
  • This offer is not valid in combination with other discounts. 

P+R Maastricht Noord

At P+R Maastricht Noord, you can park your car free of charge and continue your journey to the centre of Maastricht economically by taking bus number 10. A day return costs €2 per person, and a group ticket for 3-5 people costs €5. The car park is on Hoekerweg and only two minutes’ drive away from the A2 (exit 52) and A79 (exit 1) motorways. 

Broodje kopen bij Subway Beatrixhaven

Sinds begin maart is broodjeszaak Subway geopend op het parkeerterrein P+R Maastricht Noord.

Want to go to the heart of town for less?

You can travel from here every day of the week by shuttle bus into the heart of town for €2 per person.