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Every journey counts! Join in!

This summer, we are launching smart and sustainable travel campaigns in South Limburg. Every journey counts! Everyone can help reduce traffic on the roads, make sure their tyres have the right pressure, and even park for free. You can also contribute by travelling by public transport or getting on your bike. It does not matter what your journey is for – whether for the environment, to get fitter, or save money. There are so many ways to do your bit! 

‘Every move counts!’ prizedraw 

During June, July, and August, the ‘Every move counts’ campaign team will be rewarding people who travel smart by giving them a free prizedraw code. One of these prizedraw codes will win the holder a free e-bike worth €2,500, while others could win you one of the many other great prizes. Throughout the summer, you stand the chance of receiving prizedraw codes at various locations in South Limburg. Need to know where to be? Keep an eye on the website, which also lists our smart travel campaigns. So protect the environment, get fitter, or save money and get active! You might just be the big winner at the end of August.