Reserving a parking space

You can reserve a parking space online at the Q-Park De Colonel parking garage, Q-Park the Bassin parking garage and the Q-Park Frontenpark parking area. This way you don’t have to wait at the ticket machine and you are assured of a parking space. You can drive directly to the parking area and you don’t have to waste time looking for a parking space in town. Moreover, you can leave the parking area as soon as you’re done visiting the city, so no more queuing at the ticket machine. 


You can reserve a parking space at the Q-Park. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a QR-code, which you can use (directly from your smartphone, or from a print) to access your reserved parking space.

More accessible city

The online parking space reservations system is a collaboration between Maastricht Bereikbaar and Q-Park. The aim of this collaboration is to keep the city more accessible and to better facilitate the visitors to our city. Reserving online is not only quick and easy for you as a driver, it also reduces unnecessary search traffic and therefore COemissions.