Finding your parking space

You can find an appropriate parking space for your visit to Maastricht in this overview where all parking facilties are indicated.

The overview is arranged by the parking zones according to the PRIS system (signs along the road). The signs guide you to an available parking space.

Errors in the exchange of data flows

The current status of available parking spaces on Maastricht Bereikbaar's website and PRIS - the city’s parking information system - is the outcome of data flows between Q-Park, the municipality of Maastricht, and the Maastricht Bereikbaar Programme Office. These statuses indicate how many parking spaces are vacant in the car parks in the centre of Maastricht.

Last December, a number of errors occurred during the exchange of data flows. The PRIS signs and the Smart Map on Maastricht Bereikbaar’s website indicated that a number of parking spaces were available, when car parks were full. We have investigated the data flows and resolved the errors. Unfortunately, the same problems keep occurring and as a result we have decided to disable the PRIS signs in the city. Now, the Maastricht Bereikbaar website will not display up-to-date information on the current status of available parking spaces within car parks. Maastricht Bereikbaar will use its website and social media channels to keep you informed regarding progress on this topic.


Multistorey car park

Sphinx (€€)


Voorlopig geen parkeergegevens beschikbaar.

Céramique - Wyck


O.L. Vrouweplein



Maastricht Noord

P+R locations in Maastricht

Travel with a discount to the center of Maastricht from P+R Maastricht Noord and P+R Maastricht Zuid.

Up-to-date traffic information

Use our smart map to check traffic congestion, roadworks, and parking information.