Got the mobile home?

You can park your mobile home at various parking areas in Maastricht where buses are accomodated for. In addition, there is also a special camping area for mobile homes. 

Mobile home parking spaces

Maastricht does not yet have parking spaces specifically for mobile homes. There are three parking areas in the city where buses can park, these areas are also available for mobile homes:

  • At Q-Park Cabergerweg (maximum € 15,- per day) and Park + Walk Stadspark (€ 6,- per day), on the edge of town. It’s a 10 minute walk from here to the city centre.
  • At De Geusselt stadium (free). This location also has restaurants available. 

Mobile home camping area

At 35 Bosscherweg there is a special mobile home area where you can camp for the following fees:

  • €15 per mobile home per night inclusive tourist taxes.
  • Including electricity the cost is €17.50 per caravan per night.

There are spaces for 100 mobile homes, and the area is open the whole year round. There are no toilets or washing facilities available, however chemical toilets and water tanks can be emptied and filled. Dogs are permitted. The camping area is unattended, payment is made via a ticket machine at the entrance gates. The city centre is 10 minutes by bicycle. For more information regarding this camping area please go to:

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