Maastricht has about 7.000 parking spaces at its disposal. You can choose the parking space that fits best your kind of visit to Maastricht. Parking at the outer part of Maastricht is always cheaper than parking in the city centre. You can also combine the advantages of travelling by car with the advantages of public transport and the bicycle. 

Paid parking and parking for permit holders

Large areas of Maastricht fall under paid parking zones or parking only for permit holders. These area are divided between the A-zone (city centre A1 and A2) and the B-zone (outside the ring road). Do you live in an area where the parking must be paid for, or in a permit-only zone? You may qualify for a parking permit. In the areas where there is paid parking you can pay by mobile phone or smartphone.

Paid parking

During late night shopping (until 21:00) and on Koopzondag (12:00-18:00) paid parking remains in force in the areas that normally charge during the week.

Disabled parking spaces

There are disabled parking spaces in the city's various multistorey car parks and paid parking facilities. 

Holders of a disability card do not have to pay to park in the general disabled parking spaces and in paid on-street parking spaces in Maastricht. The disability card allows holders to park for free for three hours upon display of a blue parking disc.
Please note that this exemption does not apply to permit holders' spaces and in multistorey car parks. You must pay the regular hourly or daily rate in multistorey car parks.

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