P+R Nuth

From P+R Nuth you can continue your journey easily to and from Heerlen and Sittard.

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Parking: free



Opening hours

Always open (24/7)

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  • Train towards Sittard two times per hour: .29 and .59
  • Train towards Kerkrade Centrum two times per hour: .01 and .31
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  • Bus number 28 towards Voerendaal one time per hour: .34
  • Bus number 28 towards Nuth one time per hour: .58
  • Bus number 56 towards Brunssum two times per hour: .26 and .56
  • Bus number 56 towards Valkenburg two times per hour: .04b and .34b
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Discover public transport

Try out public transport for your commute for free.

This is my P+R day

If you are an employee of one of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners, you can now use a P+R car park in South Limburg for free for four weeks as part of your commute.

Want to know if the trains are running on time?

View the realtime public transport updates here.

Berry Toussaint talks about public transport

Commuting by public transport has so many advantages. Skipping the traffic jams, no more battling to find a parking space or paying parking costs, and also the bonus that you’re not behind the wheel.

Alternative P+R locations

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P+R Heerlen


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P+R Sittard Transferium

Geerweg 4

180 parkeerplaatsen vrij

Park & Ride

P+R Spaubeek

Op 't Veldje

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