P+R Maastricht Noord

P+R Maastricht Noord is the ideal starting point for your visit to Maastricht. The premises are only two minutes’ drive away from the A2 (exit 52) and A79 (exit 1) motorways. You can park here for free and continue your travels to the centre of Maastricht economically by bus, train, or bicycle (your own or one of the shared bicycles). 

Free parking and economical onward travel by bus, train, or bicycle

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Free parking for up to 48 hours
Transfer to the train, bus, bicycle (your own or one of the shared bicycles).



Opening hours

Open 24/7

Continue your journey


Bus number 10

Arriva's bus number 10 departs towards Maastricht city centre every fifteen minutes and takes approx. twelve minutes to reach the city centre. 

Journey prices

  • It costs €2 for a day return ticket. Two children aged between four and eleven can travel for free on each ticket 
  • A return ticket for groups of three to five people costs €5
  • Monthly pass: €25
  • Purchase your ticket at a ticket machine (please note that you can only pay with a debit card) at P+R Maastricht Noord. Alternatively, you can purchase your ticket on Arriva’s website as an e-ticket.
  • Keep your ticket and remember to check in and out on the bus! 


Departures from P+R Noord:

  • Bus number 10 towards Maastricht city centre, Randwyck, or P+R Zuid: Four times an hour; two of those buses continue towards Gulpen: X:08, X:23(a), X:38, and X:53(a)
  • On weekdays, the first number 10 bus departs at 5:53 AM
  • The first bus on Saturdays is at 6:53 AM and at 8:08 AM on Sundays.

Returning to P+R Noord:

  • The last bus that departs from the city centre leaves at 10:27 PM at Boschstraat/Markt bus stop. 

Check the Arriva website or 9292.nl to view the current timetables. 

Click here to check the route of bus number 10.

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Stopping trains (Arriva) in the direction of Maastricht, Maastricht Randwyck, and Heerlen stop at Maastricht Noord railway station. 

Journey prices

  • Tickets start from €1.46 per person for a one-way journey.
  • Up to two children up to eleven years old travel free of charge with an adult who has purchased a ticket. 


Departure times towards Heerlen:

  • The first train departs at 5:41 AM. The train departs twice an hour at the following times: X:11 and X:41

Departure times towards Maastricht:

  • The first train departs at 5:48 AM. The train departs twice an hour at the following times: X:18 and X:48
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Nextbike and OV public transport bicycle

It takes approx. fifteen to twenty minutes to cycle from P+R Maastricht to the city centre. 

Nextbike prices

  • Bicycle rental via the mobile app or on the Nextbike website 
  •  For €7.50 per month, you can use the Nextbike as often as you want – and the first half hour is always free. 
  • You can rent up to four bikes at a time on one account.
  • You pay by linking your credit card to the app.

OV public transport bicycle prices

  • €3.85 per 24 hours
  • An OV chipkaart (public transport pass) is required.
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Season ticket for bus number 10

Cheap, monthly subscription for bus number 10.

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