P+R Eijsden

If you are arriving from the south or from the area around Eijsden, you can park conveniently at P+R Eijsden and continue your journey by train or bus.


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Parking: free



Opening hours

Always open (24/7)

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  • Train towards Maastricht one time per hour: .02
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This is my P+R day

If you are an employee of one of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners, you can now use a P+R car park in South Limburg for free for four weeks as part of your commute.

Combine use of the car and public transport

Park inexpensively at one of the P+R's and continue your onward journey by train

Alight in the centre of town

No parking problems when you travel by bus

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Alternative P+R locations

Park & Ride

P+R Maastricht Centraal Station

Parallelweg 15 t.o.

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Park & Ride

P+R Maastricht Noord


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