Traffic situation A2 Maastricht

Since the opening of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel in December 2016 the daily routes driven around Maastricht are changed. Pay close attention to the road signs.

Early traffic separation

New road signage means that through traffic toward Eindhoven or Liège (A2) and local and regional traffic (N2) will be separated early at the following locations: 

  • From Eindhoven and Heerlen/Aachen: just before the Kruisdonk interchange
  • From Liège at junction 55 A2 (Randwyck)

This factsheet explains the locations. If you are driving at these locations, be sure to look closely at the road signs both along and above the road. If you follow the signs to your destination, you will automatically be guided to the correct lane.

a2_anwb_borden_facebook_richting_zuiden.jpg a2_anwb_borden_facebook_richting_noorden.jpg

Direction South                                                             Direction North

Follow the road signs to your destination

All directions are indicated on the road signs. Make sure that you know what they mean:

  • Maastricht-Centrum Noord: toward the city centre via Noorderbrug (to the north of the city)
  • Maastricht-Centrum Zuid: toward the city centre via John F. Kennedybrug (to the south of the city)
  • Maastricht-Noord: for the Beatrixhaven industrial estate and the north of the city
  • Maastricht-Zuid: for Maastricht University Hospital (azM)/Maastricht UMC+, MECC, and the south of the city



rijroutes_europaplein_vanaf_24_mei.jpg      rijroutes_geusselt_17_juni_2017.jpg

Directions Europaplein                                                          Directions Geusselt

Stay alert and choose the correct direction in good time

  • Stay alert – don't drive on 'automatic pilot'.
  • Pay close attention to the road signs, and choose the correct direction in good time.
  • Be vigilant and alert to what the road users around you are doing.

More information 

Go to for extensive information on the opening of the tunnel. We will keep you up to date about accessibility through our newsletter

Up-to-date traffic information

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