Construction works in and around Maastricht

In the coming years Maastricht will be working hard on the improvement of the city’s infrastructure. In 2016 the A2 tunnel will open, the above ground refurbishment of the Groene Loper will continue, and we will see the commencement of the Noorderbrug diversion and the construction of the underground bicycle parking area at Maastricht central station. Thus making Maastricht and the region increasingly more accessible and contributing to a better living and working environment. In addition, we are ensuring that the city and the surrounding areas remain accessible during these construction works through the intelligent planning of road closures, detours and by offering great alternatives to travelling by car.

Traffic situation A2 Maastricht

Since the opening of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel in December 2016 the daily routes driven around Maastricht are changed. Pay close attention to the road signs.

Travel advice