Car pooling

Many commuters drive alone. Research has indicated that if four people were in all vehicles used for work travel, there would be 70% fewer cars on our roads during rush hour. Car pooling is not only good for the environment, but also for your own wallet.


If you need to convince yourself – here are some strong arguments in favour:

  • You spend less money on fuel, maintenance and parking – saving money for the next holiday!
  • You arrive much more relaxed at your work.
  • Meet some new people.
  • Less driving with your own car means less kilometers on your mileage counter – You minimise the wear and tear on your car.
  • Less cars on the road means less traffic, less traffic jams and less emissions.

Carpool Butler

Traveling together is smart, cozy and now very easy. Maastricht Bereikbaar is happy to introduce you to Carpool Butler. Carpool Butler is a useful website that helps you find your best carpool match. Find a colleague near you who also wants to travel smart.

Websites for carpoolers

Roger Simons, Clint Kisters and Michel Olberts about car pooling

Voor ons was het laagdrempelig omdat we in hetzelfde team werkten en elkaar dus al kenden.