Nextbike: the public bike sharing system by Arriva

  • Nextbike, Arriva's shared bicycles, will soon be available at nine locations: Maastricht's main railway station and the Maastricht Randwyck and Maastricht Noord stations, as well as Keizer Karelplein and Vrijthof squares, Boschstraat, Markt (market square), Centre Céramique, Provincie Limburg and the Police office (Prins Bisschopsingel).
  • You can easily hire a shared bicycle using a free app for your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can take out a subscription for a fixed annual fee, which gives you unlimited access to the shared bicycles for up to thirty minutes per ride. A higher fee applies for rides that are longer than thirty minutes. The Arriva bicycle-sharing scheme is also available without a subscription. For more information, please visit
  • The goal is to expand the bicycle-sharing system in Maastricht to include at least 250 bicycles at 25 different locations.

Emile Dobbelstein over de Arriva Nextbike

Voor het snelle gebruik van een fiets in Maastricht is een deelfiets ideaal.

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