‘Stad en Spoor Maastricht’ feasibility study

Over 30,000 people use Maastricht central railway station on a daily basis. They increasingly use their bicycles as a way to get to and from the railway station. Furthermore, over 40,000 residents of Maastricht who live east of the railway lines cross the railway lines when travelling to the city centre. This intensive use is a reason for a broad spatial planning study on the future of the area surrounding the train station and how the city relates to the Euregion. This will be part of the ‘Stad en Spoor Maastricht’ feasibility study.

Working together on different topics

The ‘Stad en Spoor Maastricht’ feasibility study is an extraordinary opportunity to future-proof the area surrounding the railway station and realize the social, economic, and spatial potential of this area. The feasibility study will investigate the following topics: ‘Maastricht als Euregionaal Knooppunt,’ ‘Maastricht Gezonde Fietsstad,’ ‘Verbinden Stadsdelen,’ and ‘Poorten naar de Stad’. The feasibility study is a collaborative effort between Dutch Railways (NS), ProRail, Maastricht Bereikbaar, the Province of Limburg, ‘Projectbureau A2 Maastricht,’ and the Municipality of Maastricht. 


The partners will work on the feasibility study in 2017 and 2018 to arrive at a single plan for ‘Stad en Spoor.’ The ambitions of that plan should become clear by summer 2018.

Updates on the feasibility study

You can check the latest updates on www.mijngroeneloper.nl. If you have questions about the Stad en Spoor Maastricht feasibility study, please e-mail stadenspoor@maastricht.nl.

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