Noorderbrug realignment 

The renovation works started on the Noorderbrug in summer 2016, and the lanes in Maastricht west will be directed towards the industrial area in Bosscherveld. The new direction of traffic will ensure a better flow of the traffic that crosses the Maas on the northern side of the city, including a faster connection to Belgium (Lanaken/Smeermaas). 

More room for bicycles

The realignment of the Noorderbrug will keep the regional traffic further away from the city centre and the Belvedère area. This creates more space for bicycles and a better cycling link between east and west. Maastricht Council has worked closely with the Fietsersbond (Dutch Cycling Association) during the conception of the realignment project to ensure a cycle-friendly design.

  • A new two-way bicycle lane and a direct connection between Ravelijn and the Noorderbrug
  • Better separation between bicycle and car lanes on the east bank
  • Continuing cycle lanes through to Bosscherweg and Frontensingel

You can find more information about this project at


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