Snelfietsroute Maastricht - Sittard

In 2017 we’re going to begin work on the Snelfietsroute (quick cycle route) Sittard - Maastricht. This is one of the implementation projects from Maastricht Bereikbaar to encourage commuters to ditch the car and use the bicycle for their daily journey to work. 


In the future commuters as well as recreational cyclists will be able to cycle quickly and comfortably by bicycle or e-bike along the Snelfietsroute. We are making this possible by widening the existing paths and adapting the dangerous intersections to enable cyclists to travel swiftly and safely by. Cyclists will receive priority at most junctions and we can reduce waiting times at traffic lights by using smart technology. At one location, Europalaan in Beek, there will be a cycle bridge constructed. 


The plan is to construct a Snelfietsroute in phases. We will realise this plan at Beek and Meerssen in 2017 (the bridge wille be realised in the beginning of 2018). If everything goes to plan, the remaining sections of the Snelfietsroute will follow in Sittard and Maastricht after 2017. The project is the culmination of a collaboration between local councils (Sittard, Beek, Meerssen and Maastricht) and will be prepared and implemented by the Province of Limburg.

Snelfietsroute Maastricht – Aachen

In 2017 the governement will make a decision about the 30 kilometre long Snelfietsroute (quick cycle route) from Maastricht to Aachen. This will be constructed on the old (flat) tram tracks along this route. The route begins at the former tram stop in Heer and ends at the tram stop in Vaals. There is a lot to see along the old tramway, such as castles, monasteries, ancient churches and chapels. In Maastricht the route will be extended into the city centre. There will also be an added stretch of 4 kilometres from Vaals to Aachen. It will connect to the existing Vennbahn. The incline along the route will never be more than 2%.

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