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Carnival in Maastricht

23 - 25 February 2020


From 23 to 25 February 2020, Maastricht will be red, yellow, and green once more. Here is some information on how you can travel cheaply and in the 'smartest' way into the city centre during carnival 2020.

Travel cheaply with the party bus

To get home safely during carnival, catch the night party bus from Boschstraat/Maagdendries bus stop on Carnival Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. If you buy tickets in advance, you get an extra discount. Tickets bought in advance through the Arriva website are also valid for the journey to Maastricht city centre on normal bus lines. You can also use your Dutch debit card to purchase a one-way journey ticket from the driver on the party bus. 

  • Regional party buses (bus lines 150, 153, and 154) to Gulpen, Eijsden, and Valkenburg: €7.50 per person per day.
  • City party buses (bus lines 151, 152, 155, 156, and 157) to Heer-De Heeg, Amby, Bunde-Meerssen, Malberg, and Daalhof-Wolder: €5 per person per day.

You can also buy a three-day ticket in advance; for the city buses, this costs €12 per person and for the regional buses this costs €20 per person. Please visit Arriva's website for more information on its bus services, how to order tickets, and timetables.

Tip: It is cheaper to buy your ticket online, because that ensures that your outbound trip to Maastricht on the regular bus is also free.


During the carnival school holidays (23 to 29 February inclusive), Arriva's buses run according to the holiday service timetable.

On carnival Monday (24 February), Arriva buses will run according to the Sunday service timetable. On carnival Tuesday (25 February), Arriva buses will run according to the Saturday service timetable. For more information, please visit: www.arriva.nl/carnaval (only available in Dutch).


The sheltered bicycle-parking facilities in Kesselskade, on Markt square, and on Vrijthof square will be closed during carnival this year (23 to 25 February inclusive), as access routes will be obstructed or closed off due to the activities in the city. You can park your bicycle in one of the many bicycle racks in Maastricht, or in the guarded and sheltered bicycle parking facility at Maastricht central railway station


If you are coming by car, then plan your journey ahead and make use of our parking tips.

  • You can travel smart and inexpensively by parking at P+R Maastricht Noord and taking public transport to the city centre. Here, you can park for free and continue your journey on bus number 10, which leaves four times per hour and costs €2,15 per person for a day-return ticket.
  • Wherever you park in Maastricht city centre, you will reach your destination in no time in this compact city. We advise parking on the side of the Meuse you are coming from to reduce your chances of encountering congestion on the Noorderbrug and John F. Kennedybrug bridges over the Meuse. Please visit our website for up-to-date information on available spaces.

More information

please contact Maastricht Bereikbaar's customer service department on +31 (0)43 799 94 09 or call the Municipality of Maastricht on 14043. You can also send an e-mail to info@zuid-limburg-bereikbaar.nl.


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