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A2-N2 tunnel | Night-time closure March

Regular tunnel maintenance of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel

The A2 and N2 tunnels of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel are closed in both directions in the evening and at night for regular tunnel maintenance.

The A2 tunnel: March 17, 9.30 p.m. - March 18, 6 a.m.

The A2 tunnel is closed in both directions but traffic can continue via the N2 tunnel tubes.

The N2 tunnel: March 18, 9.30 p.m. - March 19, 6 a.m.

The N2 tunnel is closed in both directions. The following entry slip roads and exits to/from the N2 tunnel are also closed:

  • Exit 53 from the direction of the tunnel towards Berg en Terblijt and Maastricht Centrum-Noord
  • Exit 54 from the direction of the tunnel towards Cadier en Keer, Hasselt and Maastricht Centrum-Zuid
  • From the direction of John F. Kennedysingel towards Centrum Noord / Berg and Terblijt (exit 53) or A2/A79
  • From the direction of Viaductweg towards N2 in the direction of Centrum Zuid / Cadier and Keer (exit 54) and A2

Through traffic on the A2 towards Liège or Eindhoven can use the A2 tunnel. Local traffic will be diverted:

Form the direction of Viaductweg/Noorderbrug towards Liège:
Terblijterweg – Vijverdalseweg – Akersteenweg – driveway from John F. Kennedysingel towards Liège.  
Form the north (A2 Eindhoven /A79 Heerlen) towards Maastricht-Centrum Zuid or Cadier en Keer:
The A2 tunnel, exit 55 Randwyck, make a U-turn, driveway 55 Randwyck, exit 54 Maastricht-Centrum Zuid/Cadier en Keer.
Form the direction of Liège naar Maastricht-Centrum Noord of Berg en Terblijt:
A2, A79, exit 1 Bunde, Nieuwe Limmelderweg, driveway to N2 towards the south (Maastricht/Liège), exit 53 Maastricht-Centrum Noord/Berg en Terblijt.
Form the direction of John F Kennedysingel towards the north (A2 Eindhoven/A79 Heerlen):
Akersteenweg, Vijverdalseweg, Terblijterweg, A2 
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