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Maastricht Bereikbaar is responsible for the content of this website, and we do our best to ensure that the information provided is current and up to date. If you do notice that certain information is incorrect, or have suggestions for improvement please contact us at info@maastricht-bereikbaar.nl. We appreciate your feedback.

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Although Maastricht Bereikbaar makes every effort to keep the content of this website as current as possible, it can offer no guarantee for the accuracy, validity, completeness or timeliness of the information published on this website or websites accessed through this website. Maastricht Bereikbaar accepts no liability in this regard.

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Information provided by third parties or hyperlinks to other sites that are not owned by Maastricht Bereikbaar are only included for information. Maastricht Bereikbaar is not liable for the content and operation of these websites nor the products or services offered there.

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It is not permitted to reproduce the contents of this website (including text, photographs, illustrations, graphic material (trade)names, logos, trademarks and service marks), to transmit, distribute, disseminate or make available for a fee to third parties without the express prior written consent of Maastricht Bereikbaar. Content of this website where one or more social sharing buttons have been placed by Maastricht Bereikbaar may be shared by private users for non-commercial personal use.

Privacy statement

During your visit of the Maastricht Bereikbaar website and contact through our helpdesk, personal information about you is collected. This is done both directly (through a request) or indirectly. Maastricht Bereikbaar uses this information solely for the purposes specified in the following privacy statement. Maastricht Bereikbaar does this in compliance with the legal regulations as specified in the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens". Maastricht Bereikbaar allows under no circumstances the sharing of your data with third parties. Your data will not be sold on. Maastricht Bereikbaar may be required by law to provide personal details in certain situations. Should this be required, then we will of course comply with the legal requirements such as those arising from the Data Protection Act. 

Cookies and clickpath (only applies to visitors of this website)

Maastricht Bereikbaar collects and analyses information gathered by this website, including domain names, the total number of hits, the pages visited, previous and subsequent websites visited and the duration of the user session. The aim is to optimise website design and construction enabling Maastricht Bereikbaar to continually improve its service. This purpose of making this data available to Maastricht Bereikbar is not in an effort to trace people or personal information. Details regarding clickpath can be collected using cookies. You can disable cookies using your browser.

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