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About Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is a collaboration between governments, employers, and mobility and transport service providers to ensure that there are fewer cars on the roads, with the long-term aim to keep Maastricht accessible. Alongside encouraging different travel habits that foster a healthy living and working climate in South Limburg, we look for smart and sustainable solutions for logistics. We always try to implement activities across South Limburg.

The Programme Office's activities are financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Province of Limburg, the Municipality of Maastricht, and forty large employers in South Limburg.

Smart and sustainable mobility in South Limburg

The Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office has been working with various employers and government institutions in South Limburg for several years. These parties can find more information about the Programme Office on the corporate website ZuidLimburgBereikbaar.nl.


Employer approach

We help employers in South Limburg with mobility solutions to promote the implementation of sustainable business and good employment practices. Maastricht Bereikbaar assists employers in identifying a concrete package of measures and applying this to practice.

Read more about this on zuidlimburgbereikbaar.nl.

Logistics approach

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar helps to create attractive conditions for businesses. We help you to find logistics solutions that enhance the efficiency of your transport, storage, and distribution. We also work together with a wide variety of partners to create a city centre that is free of emissions produced by delivery and freight traffic by 2025.

Read more about this on logistiekbereikbaar.nl.

Area-based approach

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar works together with many different partners to keep the city and the region accessible. Mobility measures are not only good for reducing congestion, they also reduce CO2 emissions and ensure an attractive and healthy living environment. This, in turn, brings us closer to achieving the ambitions outlined in the Dutch government's Climate Agreement, the provincial Vision for Mobility, and the municipal coalition agreement. It puts us in a position to join forces in implementing the environmental strategy. This all combines to demonstrate that we are committed to a comprehensive approach for the Maastricht city centre.

Read more about this on zuidlimburgbereikbaar.nl/GGA.

Meet the people behind the Programme Office 

Have a look at the corporate website for a complete overview of all the staff who work at the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office.

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