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A new programme for ‘Smart and sustainable mobility’ in 2019

Maastricht Bereikbaar is working hard on setting future-proof travel in motion. To secure the economic vitality of South Limburg, we continue to focus on accessibility and flow of traffic as the pressure on the road network continues to leave it vulnerable. And, more than ever before, we are doing this in a sustainable and future-proof way to make a concrete contribution to climate policy, a liveable environment, and personal health and well-being. We continue to try and change behaviour by encouraging people to use their car less and use their bicycles, public transport, and P+Rs more. From now on, we are also going to focus on more effective and more environmentally-friendly car use. Another new aspect in this programme is that we are going to work on a more area-based approach for city centres and economic core areas. Since our start in 2010, we have been working successfully together with employers, interest groups, knowledge institutes, providers of mobility services, and government authorities.


The partnership between government authorities and the business community has resulted in a decisive approach and concrete outcomes. Initially this was intended solely for Maastricht and the surrounding region, but now various projects and pilots are running throughout South Limburg and in other parts of Limburg as well. We're proud of this success. The results of our public-private partnership have led to the national government, the Province of Limburg, and the Municipality of Maastricht once again providing financial resources. This funding allows us to provide employers that join our initiative with advice about mobility policy and offer them concrete products to help employees travel to work differently for the benefit of accessibility, climate, and personal health and well-being. 

More than ever before we are going to focus on an area-based approach for city centres and economic core areas by expressly creating plans that bring together mobility and liveability. The Maastricht Bereikbaar Programme Office will work together with various partners and draw on their knowledge and expertise to achieve short-term results and ensure that the effects thereof are made visible.